Hear what our students and parents have to say about their experience with NPO

I never felt challenged enough in regular classes, and this math competition class was very fun for me. I felt like part of a team and go that "competition adrenaline" every time while preparing for and taking part of math competitions. This program gives high-achievers the opportunity to learn more and take part in competitions.
Jacob P.
From Townsend Junior High C/O 2021
I learned that math wasn't just playing with numbers, but applying reasoning strategies almost anywhere. If you want to challenge yourself and have/want an in-depth understanding of math, this is the right place to be. It also helps you form a team, get to know others who also engage in math, and is just a positive experience in general. 100% one of the best experiences I've had.
Shrii S.
From Magnolia Junior High C/O 2022
The Townsend Math Club was an excellent experience allowing me to make friends and learn math at the same time. The environment was really nice and I had sooooo much fun!
Gloria Q.
From Townsend Junior High C/O 2020
I would say that this program really was an eye opening experience that benefitted me during 8th grade and even after. I also did enjoy going to the MathCounts Competition!
Josephine L.
From Townsend Junior High C/O 2020
I loved the challenge it brought me, making me feel like I can tackle anything!
Cassandra P.
From Ramona Junior High C/O 2021
I got to learn and interact with others with amazing and supportive people who share the same interests and aspirations. The competitions also made me learn more about myself and what I need to work to grow.
Amy D.
From Townsend Junior High C/O 2020
Everyone is super friendly and explained all questions in a way I could understand. I learned tons of higher level math, so now I can be ahead next year!
From Ramona Junior High C/O 2021
Math Olympiad is an amazing opportunity to learn new things and try new experiences!
Gabriel B.
From Townsend Junior High C/O 2020
My son was struggling to understand the math concepts that were being taught. The tutor was very kind and having that one on one help really allow him to understand the material. Especially being in virtual classes did not allow for my son to feel confident and ask questions in class. The one on one tutoring helped improve his grade in math. Very thankful for this program.
Parent from Magnolia Junior High
I liked working with my student! He was very nice and willing to learn, which made tutoring enjoyable!
Isabelle N.
Tutor from CHHS C/O 2021